Monday, November 10, 2008


Recently I was commissioned to make the commemorative medal for the annual New Ideas In Medallic Sculpture exhibition. It was a great honor to be asked to make something like that. I’ve been in the show a couple times, its lots of fun and great talent to go see. So after months of planning, preparation, and hard work, including recovering my work when the foundry I pour in burnt down the day of my pour, the US Postal Service lost thirteen of my medals(maybe not meant to be eh?) The show goes on and is up right now with only the first medal of the batch I made. I’m working on making more, hoping the others are found. But I just got the pictures of the medals so enjoy   

Medallia is usually round, two sided and bronze since it originated from coin makers. With a title like New Ideas I decided to go squar, six sided. and aluminum. I would have loved to get more intricate but I had to make multiple identical medals and I’d never made an edition that big. I’ve been on this whole scientific kick for a while now so I decided to stick with that for this show. I milled a small block of wood with a lovely knot hole and hammered in small nails in the pattern that out galaxy makes, a pinwheel. I then sandblasted the grain out a little and  wood burned “New Ideas In Medallic Sculpture 2008~2009  and my signature on the four short sides. Then just mold, cast (15 times), sprue, slurry, pour, chase, patina and tada  The universe and a black hole  

Monday, October 27, 2008

Hey! I have a show on Nov. 1st at Rack and Hamper gallery aka Medialia in NYC. I have three pieces in the show which will be going on tour (Madrid, Lisbon, Philly and NYC) along with the commemorative medal for the show!! donate $150 to help the gallery and show and you get one of my little medals!

Sunday, August 31, 2008

P.S by the way...There will be a show at the Aphrodite Gallery which is upstairs from Passional on 5th and Bainbridge, in december and i will be showing things ive made out of the broken things that Passional has rejected. It should be awsome. come.

Friday, August 22, 2008

New pictures!

Hey! I've been real busy lately, working, building, getting into trouble, you know, the usual. I've also been documenting, so....tada! pictures.

This first one is of my sister with glow stick glasses. It was a really long exposure, the longest i can do without a tripod. Have I mentioned that I love night photography? Its at a campground in Mass this past 4th of July.

Anyway this one below is this weird place i found in NOLA. I think it was some recreation of a tradeing post or something but its obviously fake and abandoned. I was excited about it. especially the colors.
OH OH OH this is one of the new Photos of Fishing for Answers. Its still hard to photograph even with the new lense. But i think you can kinda tell its a person now so yey. maybe i should not make things half an inch anymore......nah.

This is medalia i just made for a show in Manhatten. so both below and above fit in your hand. above is thread and aluminium, abstract and below is glass, lead, zink, steel, asitate and enamel. Its a glass book with plastic pages and a bookmark. the glass is fused together on the cloud bookmark end and it has hinges. this one, although bigger then a lot of myself was also really hard to photpgraph...cus its see through...
The last three pieces are not mine for the next year while on tour but I'm still selling prints, of the sculpture and photographs so let me know ifya want one. I'll post more info about the show when i get it. I do know its in NY though at Rack and Hamper Gallery, Medialia : .)

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Hey! I got three things for you this time! The first, a show(!) at 1523 N. Hancock St. Philadelphia PA, 19122. Its outdoors and there will be music, art and a good time. it starts at 5pm on June 28th. All are welcome. I like meeting new people so come! The second thing....I'm gonna put lots of randome pictures up by request! I like taking them of stuff i make and interesting things and sometimes i get carried away so here are some that i like. Oh and i got a new lense for my camera so im gonna put up new ones of fishing for answers because you cant really tell what it is in that picture....and...the third thing was....Oh new stuff that i made, i didnt print the pictures yet but i will soon. I swear.

Ok, so last year I went to Florida, to the everglades.

And to New York, NY, to Coney Island. They're gonna rip it down. I'm sad.

This was on the way home from Coney Island. Its New Jersey...

This is last christmas.....

And this is what happens when im left alone with my camera. I call them my Plastic Bags...

Monday, April 28, 2008


Here are the photos from my show, as promised. The show went very well. If you came, Thanks! If not, maybe next time. I was also asked if my stuff was for sale, and I think it depends on which piece. So just ask!

This is a picture of the whole sculpture that the little boat detail I showed before is part of. In total, it's about 3 1/2 feet tall.

I tittled this one "How to explain Quantum Theory in one word: Boo" This one was pretty hit or miss. It's a Boo from Nintendo's Mario. Either you were part of that generation or you weren't. The sculpture makes a couple references to Quantum Theory but the most important was that the boo knows when you're looking at him. Where the post attaches to the wooden block is a tiny knot hole and the wood grain makes it look like the post is making ripples in the surface. This is kind of a funny little piece but i couldn't get over the metaphor. If you wanna know more about the science part I suggest you tube's Dr. Quantum explains Double slit experiment.
P.S. This piece is only four inches tall and is cast sterling silver and walnut.

This is called "String Theory as supported by M Theory" It has a scientific background but I'm hoping that even if you're not a scientist, you can still enjoy it. Below are details of the String Theory table and M Theory rug. Together they are about 4 feet across and 2 1/2 tall. Its made of thread and styrofoam packing peanuts.

from afar
The outside

This piece is called Space. It's made of things I pulled out of a dumpster at the site of a demolished house (my old apartment). I didn't measure it but it's taller then me and I'm 5'3"

One side
The other side
From below

This is "Fishing For Answers" It's probably my favorite of these. I think it sums up this series pretty well. Its kind of hard to make out here. It doesn't photograph well. It's about 3 inches and the people (yes those are people) are half inch. They are both sitting and (ice?) fishing through a hole but it turns out that the line connected to their poles is one. I was thinking about parallel realities and such.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Art Show...?

Ok. So I just had an art show and I'm so not used to having this blog and was so overwhelmd that i forgot to make a post about it! (oops?) If youre in philly and youre interested, its up for a couple more days. The show is at 333 S. Broad St. center city Philadelphia. 6th floor. It's short notice so if you cant make it its ok. Ill remember to post my next show ahead of time. and also, I should have pictures of the work that's in the show up soon. Have a nice day!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

A Blog!

Welcome to my first blog! Although I would like to keep it limited to sculpture, this will most likely consist of a cross section of everything I make. I’m gonna start with a back log of things I made not so long ago, just as a starting point for me and for those of you that are me.

I called this Culture. I made it about a year ago for a show in south Philly. It was an installation but got mostly destroyed during the uninstalling. It's wax and plaster and took up about a six foot by four foot space on the floor and crept up the wall that was six feet wide and twelveish high.

I made this about a two months ago, It's titled time. It's wood, steel and rubble from my old house that got torn down. It's about five by six by four inches but it's mounted on a four and a half foot steel rod. I used entirely discarded material.

This is an oldie. It's stone and plywood. I also built this one from discarded material.

I Hope this is a good preview of what's to come. I'll add more as soon as i can find and/or take photos. Feel free to leave me comments, I love to talk.