Thursday, July 30, 2009


So, after my computer gave me a lovely present, the "blue screen of death", and best buy took a chunk of my soul(not that my soul is by any means chunky), a valiant effort to save my life was made and ..tadaaah! I'm back! complete with photos that i had feared were lost forever. Trees. These are pieces that are in NY and i will probably never see again. NY tends to eat my work. They go in, and (insert various scenario here).
I know I've talked about Medallia before but I cannot stress how much I love to make it. These are all three palm sized things that i hope will end up in someones pocket(is that one of the scenarios?) instead of stuck on a shelf in a gallery or boxed up in my basement. The first is a thick piece of glass etched on the back( those words were so hard to write backwards). It says "help me help." It might seem pretty upfront but it means more then just face value to me. I think I'm going to make more things out of glass.

The second here is a medal i made for my dad. we don't have the best relationship ever but its not terrible. its gotten better since i moved away. Its kind of a tribute to one of the only things we ever did together, just the two of us, that didn't result in fighting...Watching lightning storms. No matter what mood, what time, day or night.. we'd hear the thunder and both end up on the front porch.
The porch had long before we moved in been a wooden deck with a roof. then it had been closed off with huge storm windows. it was kind of an eye sore on the front of the house. no one ever used it for anything. At some point in my childhood a lazyboy had been shoved out there,( i think it was an effort to compromise, it was my dad's fave and my mom hated it cus is didn't match anything and was stained.) My sister hates storms, and my mom sleeps through them. We had a lot of quiet, not being angry time out there. the reverse of this medal says, "the lightning shows me the pines poking holes in the sky, I count till the boom sets off car alarms, then smile" If you look carefully you can see my moms house and car.

The photo to the right is a detail of a piece. it was hard to sneak out of the glass case at my opening and photograph before the curator saw. so this is all you get. It's two pieces of wood sewn very badly back together. the reverse says, "I'm trying". I've started referring to the as "Together again". I think these are my favorite pieces that ive made recently. I'm still working on the ones that i made the molds for. it...sigh...didnt work out so well. they just dont want to cast whole. If I cant get them done soon, ill at least post photos of the waxes.
p.s. the first and third are as usual recycled materials. the bronze in between is one of a kind. they are all about palm sized. the bronze is about the size of a silver dollar.
As always, if you want something ive made, to cherish and to hold, lose it or give it away.. let me know.

Sunday, May 31, 2009


I really enjoy making Medallia. I love making things that are small and can be carried in a pocket or purse. especially when they're wrapped in a kerchief for safe keeping. I guess its the old fashioned part of me; the part that loves writing letters, giving gifts to people for no particular reason, and old movies where the farewell scenes take way to long and include lots of intense stares.

I like the idea of important things that fit in the palm of your hand. not that i think the things i make are important.

I only have one more day to finish up for the upcoming show. I'm no where near being done....I did finish a couple more things though, so here they are! P.s. come to my show if your in NY on friday the 6th, free food, drinks, good people, and o yea, art.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Candlewood Lake

I got a lot of work done today! patinas! molds! photos! i even had time to make a mess!... o yea and i finnished this! I'ts Candlewood Lake, a large man made lake that is so large they had to flood three towns to make it. If you go scuba diving you can walk the streets and sit in ford model-ts if you want. There are lots of sad stories that go along with this, but good ones to. we now get tons of electricity generated by this lake. so i guess its a good thing...

Thursday, May 28, 2009

I'm up early this morning, A little stressed but mostly excited about the upcomming show! I'll probably post photos later but here are some photos my friend Ashley Smith took of me for a project of hers. they should hold you over for a while

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Hey! I have a show soon!!! here are a couple photos of some stuff that will be in it. I'm kinda keeping in line with the series i started a while back about pollution and environmental awareness, and I've started a new series about people I've worked with in the Human Services field. And as always, there are some things i just needed to make...

Sunday, January 18, 2009


Go to my show at the Plastic Club on Camac St in center city. Or just look at these. Bet you cant guess what these are about.