Sunday, August 7, 2011

Book Medals

I made these this summer.

The inscription reads, " If I were a machine, music would be my fuel, and art my exhaust. What would my purpose be you ask? Well put simply, it would be [XXXXXXXXXXXXX]!"
Later, I changed the last sentance to say " Well put simply, to change the world!"

This is my favorite lately. The inscription reads,
 " Late in October I hear the sweet evening
sounds impressed upon the sky. Each melodious
note a star.

Missoula Montana

The city of Missoula Montana

Driving through a storm somewhere in Montana

The sky just opened up, like in classical paintings. I was half expecting the hand of some one's god to reach down.

I figured out why they call this place "Big Sky Country"

Have I mentioned my appreciation for the aesthetics of power lines?

This is actually Wyoming, i think.

At the end of last semester, a good friend of mine and I decided to go on a road trip, Literally, to "get away" from the awesome intensity of grad psych school. We had a lot of fun. We slept on couches, ate peanut butter and jelly, and went exploring. We did absolutely nothing serious at all. We went to a beer festival, a farmers market, "climbed the M" ( a touristy hike up to a GIANT "M" on the side of the mountain) participated in a flash mob advocating public transportation, and went drinking at a bar where we were by far the youngest people (by about 20 years) and the 60-something year old female bar tenders with raspy voices gave us funny looks when my friend tried to order a mixed drink instead of a shot or a pitcher. It was marvelous.