Saturday, March 8, 2008

A Blog!

Welcome to my first blog! Although I would like to keep it limited to sculpture, this will most likely consist of a cross section of everything I make. I’m gonna start with a back log of things I made not so long ago, just as a starting point for me and for those of you that are me.

I called this Culture. I made it about a year ago for a show in south Philly. It was an installation but got mostly destroyed during the uninstalling. It's wax and plaster and took up about a six foot by four foot space on the floor and crept up the wall that was six feet wide and twelveish high.

I made this about a two months ago, It's titled time. It's wood, steel and rubble from my old house that got torn down. It's about five by six by four inches but it's mounted on a four and a half foot steel rod. I used entirely discarded material.

This is an oldie. It's stone and plywood. I also built this one from discarded material.

I Hope this is a good preview of what's to come. I'll add more as soon as i can find and/or take photos. Feel free to leave me comments, I love to talk.

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