Monday, April 28, 2008


Here are the photos from my show, as promised. The show went very well. If you came, Thanks! If not, maybe next time. I was also asked if my stuff was for sale, and I think it depends on which piece. So just ask!

This is a picture of the whole sculpture that the little boat detail I showed before is part of. In total, it's about 3 1/2 feet tall.

I tittled this one "How to explain Quantum Theory in one word: Boo" This one was pretty hit or miss. It's a Boo from Nintendo's Mario. Either you were part of that generation or you weren't. The sculpture makes a couple references to Quantum Theory but the most important was that the boo knows when you're looking at him. Where the post attaches to the wooden block is a tiny knot hole and the wood grain makes it look like the post is making ripples in the surface. This is kind of a funny little piece but i couldn't get over the metaphor. If you wanna know more about the science part I suggest you tube's Dr. Quantum explains Double slit experiment.
P.S. This piece is only four inches tall and is cast sterling silver and walnut.

This is called "String Theory as supported by M Theory" It has a scientific background but I'm hoping that even if you're not a scientist, you can still enjoy it. Below are details of the String Theory table and M Theory rug. Together they are about 4 feet across and 2 1/2 tall. Its made of thread and styrofoam packing peanuts.

from afar
The outside

This piece is called Space. It's made of things I pulled out of a dumpster at the site of a demolished house (my old apartment). I didn't measure it but it's taller then me and I'm 5'3"

One side
The other side
From below

This is "Fishing For Answers" It's probably my favorite of these. I think it sums up this series pretty well. Its kind of hard to make out here. It doesn't photograph well. It's about 3 inches and the people (yes those are people) are half inch. They are both sitting and (ice?) fishing through a hole but it turns out that the line connected to their poles is one. I was thinking about parallel realities and such.

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