Friday, August 22, 2008

New pictures!

Hey! I've been real busy lately, working, building, getting into trouble, you know, the usual. I've also been documenting, so....tada! pictures.

This first one is of my sister with glow stick glasses. It was a really long exposure, the longest i can do without a tripod. Have I mentioned that I love night photography? Its at a campground in Mass this past 4th of July.

Anyway this one below is this weird place i found in NOLA. I think it was some recreation of a tradeing post or something but its obviously fake and abandoned. I was excited about it. especially the colors.
OH OH OH this is one of the new Photos of Fishing for Answers. Its still hard to photograph even with the new lense. But i think you can kinda tell its a person now so yey. maybe i should not make things half an inch anymore......nah.

This is medalia i just made for a show in Manhatten. so both below and above fit in your hand. above is thread and aluminium, abstract and below is glass, lead, zink, steel, asitate and enamel. Its a glass book with plastic pages and a bookmark. the glass is fused together on the cloud bookmark end and it has hinges. this one, although bigger then a lot of myself was also really hard to photpgraph...cus its see through...
The last three pieces are not mine for the next year while on tour but I'm still selling prints, of the sculpture and photographs so let me know ifya want one. I'll post more info about the show when i get it. I do know its in NY though at Rack and Hamper Gallery, Medialia : .)

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