Monday, November 10, 2008


Recently I was commissioned to make the commemorative medal for the annual New Ideas In Medallic Sculpture exhibition. It was a great honor to be asked to make something like that. I’ve been in the show a couple times, its lots of fun and great talent to go see. So after months of planning, preparation, and hard work, including recovering my work when the foundry I pour in burnt down the day of my pour, the US Postal Service lost thirteen of my medals(maybe not meant to be eh?) The show goes on and is up right now with only the first medal of the batch I made. I’m working on making more, hoping the others are found. But I just got the pictures of the medals so enjoy   

Medallia is usually round, two sided and bronze since it originated from coin makers. With a title like New Ideas I decided to go squar, six sided. and aluminum. I would have loved to get more intricate but I had to make multiple identical medals and I’d never made an edition that big. I’ve been on this whole scientific kick for a while now so I decided to stick with that for this show. I milled a small block of wood with a lovely knot hole and hammered in small nails in the pattern that out galaxy makes, a pinwheel. I then sandblasted the grain out a little and  wood burned “New Ideas In Medallic Sculpture 2008~2009  and my signature on the four short sides. Then just mold, cast (15 times), sprue, slurry, pour, chase, patina and tada  The universe and a black hole  

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