Monday, March 7, 2011

Moving to Colorado summer 2010

So, I drove from Philadelphia PA to Boulder CO. It took about three days. It was a whole lot of not much to see. These are the only photos I took that I thought were interesting enough to post. I like them mostly because they portray how weird and eerie this trip was. My mom kept talking about horror movies like Children of The Corn and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and so wouldn’t get off the highway to see any of the bizarre attractions advertised on the billboards or in my weird America book.
Talk about compensation.

I swear you dont want to let that mist stuff get close to you. (Too many bad SiFi movies for me!)

My mom wouldnt even stop at night, I look photos the whole time to stay awake. This Mac truck almost hit us and then flew by!

I know, only city kids take photos of things like GIANT ROLLS OF HAY! (YEY)

I love this photo because its the embodiment of ceepy oldness. It reminds me of 1800's photos I've seen.

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Jen Gin said...

Wow! Three days of driving is a long time. Is your family relocating to CO?