Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Well Hello Again!!

So, It's been a little over a year since my last post! (insert typical life interruption story here!) I'm hoping to start updating this blog about once a week again! (Did i ever really do that in the first place?) So I have not been wholly unproductive in the last year! Ive been in two shows in Manhattan-which i forgot to post and actually publicize at all...but people still showed! You can view the gallery website directly at ....but my photos are better..

Instead of a massive dump of info and images I'm gonna spend my next couple of posts spreading stuff out in a hopefully more organized and interesting manner!

Enough with the boring stuff though!

This is a piece I made at the beginning of the summer. It's only a couple of inches tall, and maybe six inches long when open. It doesn't fold flat because one side is kinda three-d. The three-d side is the more personal side, it's quite literally a map of my life... I think you have to click on the third image to really see it.The outside is kind of an abstraction of my inside, which if you turn in various directions or squint really hard looks like different things in my life. or just a pretty abstraction.. And so if you think about it, this thing is inside out. I know there are so many things you could probably deduce about me from this, ha.

Anyway, its found wood that I wood-burned, oiled, and added thread to. The thread also makes the hinges and clasp+some found brass screws.

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