Wednesday, October 13, 2010

A Safe Place

This is a piece I made at the beginning of spring. It's based on a piece I made a couple years ago in undergrad during an art therapy class experiential. We did an exercise exploring a setting or place we felt most safe. This is a reoccurring image in my personal art although it mostly manifests in childish crayon drawings and watercolors. I decided to bring it into a slightly more 3d world. I am currently working on a much bigger project that also has to do with this image. (I'll post that later.) I love this form of this image because so far it is the closest to an accurate representation. It fits in my pocket, I can carry it around always, as I already do. It's 2.5x3" closed. the fabric is greener in person, but I like this photo because of how the yellow pops.

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